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    Skyward Sword item wheel does not show up

    I have a wii remote plus (wii remote with the motion plus inside). I just started playing Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and everything works fine EXCEPT that when I hold B to bring up the item wheel, it never shows. I've gotten it to flicker twice, but never long enough for me to actually...
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    Man Uses Wii Remotes to Help Him Remotely Brush Cat’s Fur With Robot Avatar!

    Well here’s a use for your Wii remote that you don’t see every day! The Huffington Post reports on a YouTube video posted by Taylor Veltrop, which shows the robot avatar that he has built remotely brushing his cat’s fur! Taylor uses his Wii Remotes to pick up the movement of his arms, while an...
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    Anyone having problem with rechargeable batteries with Wii remote?

    My problem is with the Wii remote when playing Mario Kart. About 1 out of 15 times, when I drift LEFT, it actually drift RIGHT. I would then look at the position of my Wii Wheel and it is TOTALLY tilted LEFT (at about 45 degree LEFT). So one time I was using 1.5V Duracell and the problem never...
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    Gametech wii- mote vs wii remote

    Hi, I want to buy a wii remote. I searched and I found Gametech Wii Wired Wii-Chuck + Wii-Mote for 339 SEK (= 35 EURO) Also I found Wii remote + nunchuk for 549 SEK (= 57 Euro) I want two know what is difference between these two models? Also I want to know that how much the motion...
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    Wii Remote help!

    Okay, I decided to move my furniture around today and I had you re-plug in my wii. When I turned it on, it worked fine until I tried to move my cursor. I couldn't even find it! All the buttons still worked, though and it was connected