1. Sauec

    WiiWare Wi-fi Friend Code Exchange

    This is the place to exchange WiiWare Friend Codes.Data is to be filled out as such: Wii Nickname Wii Message Board Friend Code WiiWare Friend Codes; e.g:[ WiiWare Title(s)] [XXXX-XXXX-XXXX ] -Sauec's Info- Wii Nickname: Sauec Wii Message Board FC: 2483 9606 6056 0736 Dr. Mario...
  2. M

    MotoHeroz Launches on WiiWare September 15

    Finnish developer RedLynx announced today that its bringing side-scrolling racing game MotoHeroz to WiiWare on September 15. The highly anticipated race will be released simultaneously in Europe and the Americas, for a cost of 1500 Wii Points. Here are some of the game’s main features...
  3. M

    escapeVektor Chapter 1 WiiWare Release Date Announced

    Since it was first announced back in February, Australian developer Nnooo’s forthcoming WiiWare game, escapeVektor: Chapter 1, has attracted a lot of interest from vector gaming fans. Now Nnooo (try saying that quickly!) has finally announced that it will be releasing the game for download on...
  4. M

    Arcade Shoot’em Kyotokei Coming to WiiWare in North America August 11

    Kyotokei is an old-school arcade shoot-‘em-up from Canadian developer Microforum, which will be available to download via WiiWare from August 11. The storyline centres around powerful witch, Rika, who has invaded the peaceful realm of Estaria with an army of monsters in her wake. You control the...
  5. M

    3D Pixel Racing Coming to WiiWare in North America on July 14

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VajZYzwKfpo&feature=player_detailpage Canadian developer Microforum today announced that its first 3D Pixel retro racing game, 3D Pixel Racing, will be available on WiiWare for the Wii in North America on July 14. The game features graphics that are fully...
  6. S

    Secret of Mana 2, a sequel for Wii-Ware (-not- SD3 on VC)

    I'm slowly beginning to accept that Squeenix will most likely NEVER release Seiken Densetsu 3 on the Virtual Console. It's a game that, for anyone with a computer and the internet, is easily obtainable and in multiple languages, and while it certainly is a good game (better than LoM and...
  7. R

    Lag/delay with WiiRemote and WiiWare games

    Hello, Does anyone know if it is normal when playing WiiWare and Virtual Console games there is significant lag with the WiiRemote and the game? For example i just purchased Megaman 10 and within the game the lag is clearly over 0,5 seconds when jumping/shooting. This adds a bit too much to the...
  8. C

    Strange bug I-m having with VC titles

    So, here's an interesting problem: I was trying to play some VC games some days ago when all of a sudden, on both the Classic controler and the Wii-mote, some games won't recognize the buttons at all. I know this is a bit hard to understand, but here are the current examples I have: Button x...