1. TopAce

    How to solve the worlds problems!

    How would you like to solve the worlds problems? Pick a problem and a brilliant and creative way to solve it! :)
  2. G

    Wii freezing and loud Beeping noise

    hello i was on Call of duty world at war and my Wii freezed and made loud beeping noise , i had to unplug it to get it working again... same thing happened to me when i was on the "Nintendo Channel" ..... anyway to make the Wii not freeze?:papermario:
  3. M

    Games with open map/world (sim. to GTA)

    Hi, Since i recently got banned from the Animal cRossing Community forums, that game has been rarely played since i cant connect with anyone online without joining that forum again. Im looking for a few types of games that include a free world/open map that allow me to continue the game...