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    Xenoblade Chronicles Finally Arrives in the US

    This weekend is a very special one for Nintendo RPG fans in the US, as will be the first weekend they’ve had to spend with their brand spanking new copy of Xenoblade Chronicles, which has finally been released for the Wii in the US as a result of a concerted campaign of fan power (Operation...
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    Xenoblade Chronicles US Packshot Released

    Finally, here it is! Proof positive from Nintendo that Xenoblade Chronicles will be coming to the Wii in the US. After it was released first in Japan and then in Europe, there were those who thought the critically acclaimed RPG would never make it to the US, but now Nintendo has released the...
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    Xenoblade Chronicles’ European Success Could be Good News for US Fans!

    Destructoid reports that Xenoblade Chronicles is apparently selling well in Europe, entering the British Wii Charts at Number 2, and entering the Multiplatform charts at a very respectable Number 7. And Destructoid says that this success is particularly significant following on from recent...
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    New Xenoblade Chronicles “Let’s Play” Videos Released

    Following on from the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles in Europe (unfortunately still not in the US) for the Wii, Nintendo is releasing two more YouTube videos in its Xenoblade Chronicles “Let’s Play” series, the first of which, Episode 5, launches today (see below), and the second of which...
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    Xenoblade Chronicles to Be Released Two Weeks Early in Europe

    European Wii-owning RPG fans are being spoilt rotten by Nintendo at the moment. Not content with giving the lucky Europeans the very wonderful Xenoblade Chronicles at the same time as refusing to release it in the US, just to rub salt even deeper in the wounds Nintendo has merrily announced...
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    Xenoblade Chronicles

    Hello, i am about to pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles, UK version, i live in America however where a PAL wii won't obviously work, is there any way, like a PAL to NTSC converter i can purchase, because buying a bunch of homebrews is not my top priority. So if there is a way i can import a PAL Wii...