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Aug 30, 2010
VA Beach
DOAPevuhl has created a new social group called "D.O.A.P.", with the following description:

Death Ops Assault Personnel
Time to nut up or shut up! Are you looking for Modern Warfare Reflex players to game with? Join our team and get experience in public matches and increase your skill. No hacks no cheats legit hardcore players with one goal.... WIN!
Death Ops members are elite killing machines.
Weekly meetings to play:
Teamdeath Match, Domination, Head Quarters Sabotage, and Free 4 All!

No requirements to join just submit your application on our Clan page. We want to actually know who you are what you're about and how we can best serve you as your clan. Willing to train and help FNG's. A ranking system is in the works, but we're more focus on increasing online gaming enjoyment not who's ranked higher within our clan. Rankings in our clan are only to help make sure no-one gets left out. There's no tyranny here all decisions are run through clan members first for approval.

There's no kill death ratio, level, or skill restrictions this clan is open to all Modern Warfare Wii gamers. There's no obligation to post or play. Keep up with our events calender that will be filling up with all kinds of great contests. We can potentially have one of the best MWR clans on WiFi. When a tournament or clan war comes up ample notice will be given so we ask all members be available. We understand people actually have lives outside of WiFi so live it up.
This clan doesn't hack or glitch.

To join this group visit the social groups homepage where this new group will be listed.

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