Wii Dropped on Floor during Brawl - Disk Error


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Dec 4, 2006
Medford, MA
So the other day my Wii got pulled off a desk onto the floor because of an overzealous friend playing SSBB with a wired gamecube controller. The disc has a big radial scratch on it about 1/3 of an inch from the outer edge and and I frequently get Disk Read Errors when playing SSBB now. I tried playing Wii Sports today to ensure that my wii was OK and it was just the disc and that went fine with no read errors. My friend is replacing my SSBB disc, but I want to make sure the Wii itself is not broken before letting him off the hook. Anyone have any advice on how to test the Wii out to ensure its in full operating order? I plan on trying out the game on another friend's Wii tomorrow to see if i get the same read errors. I figure if the read errors persist on a different Wii then the disc is the culprit.

Thanks for the help.


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Feb 20, 2007
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Make sure you test it with another copy of Brawl because the lens for reading Brawl are very delicate and could be broken easily.


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Feb 1, 2008
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like the guy in above said ^
Brawl is one of the most delicate CD for wii.
One tiny dust on ur wii lens can make u not read the brawl disk (im obviously being sarcastic about the dust thing, but u get the point lol)
Basically, if ur friend replaced ur Brawl CD, and it still cant read the disk, that means something happened ur Lens.
My brawl works fine but it takes longer time to load than wii sports, galaxy, etc...