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Mario Bro

Jan 22, 2007
Hello, it's your bro! I know that this has probably already been done a dozen times, but hey, why not an official place for us to tell our stories of how we got the wii? So here's my story, I'd like to read what you fellow wii owners have to say out there.

It was early morning of November 19th 2006. I had tried everything, ordering off the internet, trying to get into a few lines, nothing worked! I couldn't give up though. I was there when the Wii was first announced, when it was unveiled, when it had the name REVOLUTION! I had to have it.
I left early that morning to see if there wer any open lines. I did find oen, it was at ZELLERS. There were only a few people there, so I took my place in SEVENTH.
As hours went by, we grew ancious to know how many wii's were available. More people came to the line, but only a few of us would get the wii today. Eventually, the manager announced that they only had SEVEN WII's!
I froze- I'm seventh, there's seven wii's, wait a minute- I GOT ONE! I cheered as did those ahead of me in line. Immediatly we signed our names on a list to assure ownership of a wii. The stored opened, and we happily walked in single file. We each received our wii's. I will cherish it forever, as I will that moment. I was one of the few, the lucky, the proud, Wii Owners.

-kind of corny if I don't say so myself...


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Dec 17, 2006
Clearwater, Florida
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YES this was yesterday..


4 hrs. of sleep yesterday.. woke up at 6AM.. went to Target. and waited for 2 hrs for it to open at 8AM.. then they said they had none.. so then my dad drove to Best Buy.. waited in line for 3 hrs. because best buy opens at 11AM.. and then some Best buy dude came out and had 36 pieces of paper.. he was telling us how WE GOT THE WII!! woo.. well yeah.. i was the 22nd person to get mine outta 36 wii people! WOOOO.... i met some guys too while waiting in the line! yayy.

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Jan 9, 2007
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well... took me awhile but...

I woke up at 5:00 AM then went to EB games with some tim hortons food to keep me awake, 3 hours of complete bordome later a dilevery man walked by and knocked on the door to EB games, he was gonn leave until I came up and told him they were there, they were just in the back and coulden't see or hear him... he said he would come back at 10:00 AM when everything was open. at 8:00 AM I went into bulk barn that was next to it and got a stewarts fountain classics :thumbsup: , then at 10:00 AM EB games opened, there were only two people in line for the wii, me and some randome person :scared: , we hoped for two in, and when the delivery man came he had two playstation 3's.... AND TWO WII'S!!!! we both got our wii's and now, I am a proud owner of a nintendo wii! and the thing that made everything even BETTER was that I got D-link wireless internet in 2005, so now I have the wii and internet! :thumbsup:.


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Dec 4, 2006
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I went and pre-orderd mine at myer, Walked in gave them my recipt and hey what do you no i got a wii.........

Nic Car Bel

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Dec 25, 2006
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i went to work at big w early, went to the consoles area, and put one on layby, got it a couple days after christmas. only got it online on thursday.

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Nov 8, 2006
My parents were on hold forever with walmart on monday december the 18th. they said they got in 6 wii's . my dad hurried over, he was the 5th person out of 6th.

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Nov 24, 2006
Severna Park, MD
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Well if you must know...

I got my Wii on December the 17'th. My dad came home from a gig that he was playing in Baltimore, so he picked me up from a friend house at 2 AM, and we went to Best Buy. He called the night before, and they said the had 55, my dad took a head count and saw that we were 32. So, cool, I believed that we were going to get one for sure. But then, as we got their to my dismay, people were talking about the Best Buy only having 22! But, we waited...and waited for 6 hours. Then, the manager came out at 8 AM and passed out tickets to everyone, but I was asleep in the car, non-aware that the manager was passing out tickets. Luckily my dad was there, so he ran to the car , dragged me out, and there I was handed the last ticket they had. And so, I did a little victory dance, then claimed my Wii.

And it all payed off :D


i typed this story to another thread but ill type it again cause im just so overly happy that i got one on "pure karma"

basically i was told that my local target had recieved a whole pallet of wiis so my bf and i quickly jumped in our car and drove on down. the kids that worked here were as useless as tits on a bull and did nothing to help us. also, their wii set up display was completely ransacked. not a thing was there no accessories NOTHING (just a few games)

with that being a bust, we went to best buy 10 mins before they opend (due to holiday hours they opend at 10 not 9) and we walked right in and the sales associate told my bf and i that if anyone was looking for a nintendo wii they were towards the back of the store. vola we got one just as the sales associate was unpacking them from the bozes.



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Dec 31, 2006
Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Haha, mine beats all of yours.

I offhandedly mentioned to my parents at like, easter, about the Wii.

Christmas morning, I get 2 wiimotes, LoZ:TP, and a Wii.

My voice will be hoarse from heckling all of you who waited in line! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


oh no i dont wait on line nuh uh! lol i abuse my badge big time! but alas, i didnt have to do that move. there were about 6 people outside with me that morning (about a few days after christmas? deff before new years) and they were all looking for the DS. had NO interest in the wii :yikes:


Dec 17, 2006
Mississauga, Ontario
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It all started on January 18th at night when i called Zellers. I called them to ask if they will get shipments tommorow morning. They said probably they will and i took that chance (because laast time for ebgames they said probably and i didnt go and it was there before) so i took the chance while i thought of my expirences before and told my mom to go to zellers anyways to check if your going to jog in the mall. She always jog in the mall. Oky anyways After school i had b-ball pratice and soccer pratice so it was around 7 pm. I came back home and my mom said U GOT A WII!!! I was bursting upstaries and
there it was....

EDIT: i was 1/6 and my mom just went in there without waiting because my zellers open at 9 or so and she went at 10 and got the first one. It was a school day.


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Jan 16, 2007
Canberra, Australia
I've been talking to my dad about how cool a wii is and how I wanted one, and I got a wii + Rayman RR for christmas! Yay!

My dad said most stores were sold out but one store (Gamewizards) had like 3 left so he just walked in and bought one!


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Jan 23, 2007
It was Dec. 17, and when I gott off work my girlfriend called me and asked if I wanted to wait in a line at best buy so her parents could buy a Wii for her brother. I didn't want to at all, but she got her way. We got in line at about midnight the night before, all I can remember was it was cold, about 30 degrees outside. We waited and this guy started to wake everybody up asking who was getting Wii's and I told him I wasn't sure if I was gonna get one, so he got all angry and started whining to everybody in line. 6am rolls around and more and more people start getting in line, at least 100. The Best Buy manager comes out and tells everybody they are getting 19 Wii's and that the first 19 in line would get them and the rest could wait around to see if anybody drops out. I was about 14th or so in line; at this point I decided it would have been a wasted night if I didn't get one. So 7 rolls around and the manager comes outside and hands out the tickets, and pretty much everyone else leaves. I bought the Wii and immediately stuck it on eBay.

Being pretty angry that I sold off my first one, I decided to get one for myself. After about 3 weeks I catch drift of the Wii shipment that was supposed to be on sale on 1-21. I got off work pretty late that night and had trouble falling asleep, about 3am I doze off. I wake up. CRAP I OVERSLEPT, its 830 and Target has been open for a half hour. I drive down there and see a good sized line of about 20 waiting in front of Best Buy, at this point I figure I am screwed in my Wii hunt as nobody would be waiting at Best Buy if there are Wiis at Target, and the Best Buy line was quite long. At about 9am I see a guy walk out of Target and head straight over to Best Buy (right next door) with some coffee to stay warm while he waited. I figured that since I was already here I would just check Target to see whats up. To my amazement there were 2 Wii's still sitting on the shelf. Needless to say I snatched one up and and walked outside, feeling kinda bad for the souls that were waiting at Best Buy when Target 200 feet away had them sitting on the shelf.