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There are some things I just can't let go of. I guess WiiChat will always be one of those things. So long as I remember my credentials here, I'll probably keep coming back at least every now and then.
just leaving a little hello to anyone who passes by~
it's been a long time, but I remember my time here fondly! 💙

this is one of very few websites of my childhood still around, which is so interesting (and awkward lol)
oh btw, the phase where I was embarrassingly passionate about hating my old username? turns out that was gender dysphoria and I'm a guy lmao

feel free to reach out @ blissprism on most sites!
So yeah, been on here for 15 years
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Jeez, you're old. Why don't you get with us 14 year and 10 month youngsters?
Interesting thing, ive been on this forum for longer than most Fortnite, roblox players have been alive