1. Leoz96

    Wii U, 3DS compatibility idea.

    Hello members of wiichat, I bring my idea for a connection system for the Wii U-3ds. As the Wii U's controller consists of a tactile screen, I had the idea of making this connection by replacing the controller screen from the Wii U to the lower screen from the 3ds (which is also tactile), and...
  2. J

    Resident evil revelations

    hey guys just noticed no one has posted anything about this game i just recently got it with the dual pad pro i loved it the story gets really intense and all but i was wanting to play online with some of you guys on raid mode so please message back on this forum if you wanna play :) my 3ds...
  3. rubini988

    Add my pin on 3DS!

    Hey everyone add me on 3DS! (My friend code is on my signature)
  4. T

    games that HAVE to be remade on the 3DS!

    1.007 Goldeneye 3D.I Mean nintendo took The legend of zelda Ocarina of time,one of the best games of all time,and put it on the 3DS and it was AMAZING!,so why can't Nintendo do so on the 3DS.If they added online and extras and keep almost everything just like the original this game would rock...
  5. aro19

    little Contest

    Mod edit. Dont beg for games
  6. J

    who owns the Nintendo 3DS

    ok who owns the Nintendo 3DS :shyguyred::bacon::papermario:
  7. K

    3DS friends code exchange.

    I got my 3DS this morning so now i need people to play it with. My friends code is 4854 6421 0209 name is Killa Kam. So far its great haven't got a game yet but should be getting street fighter tomorrow.