black ops clan

  1. Skelatoa

    Savage Soldiers

    Hey all....Welcome to the NEW Savage Soldiers Open Recruiting Thread SAVAGE SOLDIERS 2.0... UPGRADED AND READY TO KICK A%# About us: We are a close bunch of friends that like to play games and have fun. We maintain a clan of both Wii players and PS3 players. We DO NOT welcome drama here. If...
  2. W

    Clan [D2C] Info!

    Death2Cowards, also known as [D2C] wants YOU apart of this hardcore clan only on Call of Duty: Black Ops. We are looking for snipers to rushers and everything in between. Also 3 spots are open for high rank Officers that are heads of certain game modes. Hurry though, time is running out! Talk to...
  3. S

    Silent Ninja Squad (Black Ops Wii Clan)

    I am starting the black ops clan Silent Ninja Squad. Here's the process to get in to the clan: 1) Click here, this will take you to the application website. There you will fill out an application. When you fill out the application make sure your e-mail is valid. If it isn't I don't have a very...
  4. K

    CoD: Black Ops

    Black ops HACKERS How do you really feel about hacker clans?