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Jul 9, 2011
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Death2Cowards, also known as [D2C] wants YOU apart of this hardcore clan only on Call of Duty: Black Ops. We are looking for snipers to rushers and everything in between. Also 3 spots are open for high rank Officers that are heads of certain game modes. Hurry though, time is running out! Talk to either me or Element94. Element94 is the Commander that oversees all the Officers, members and is the leader when I, WHISKERZ [D2C] is not online. My ally code is on my profile so add me and we will talk about your future with non other than... DEATH 2 COWARDS!!!
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reply if you are interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In need of members, i am willing to negotiate on what it will take for you to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys, I have a 1.3+ kd and I was strongly thinking about joining, so if you want to message, back I will give ally code. Thanks!