black ops

  1. Spyder

    Started a clan, WII COD BO only.

    DELETED! Got a PS3
  2. S

    New MW3 clan [snow]

    Ok well hello there Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm here to tell you that I am starting a new clan [snow] and I would like you guys and girls to be a part of it. Now I'm not really bothered you can put it at the front of your name without telling me; I'm perfectly happy with that but if you do want to...
  3. T

    Black OPS CLAN *JOIN*

    From December 15th 2011 there will be a clan Called [3L1T3] Give me your ally codes and ill add you:yesnod:
  4. Z

    Starting a CoD sniping clan

    Would anyone like to help start/Co-Found a Black Ops/MW3 sniping clan or be a member of one? leave a reply if you would be interested.
  5. Z

    Looking for Sniper Clan

    Im am looking for a sniper clan that is active and likes to participate in sniper clan battles. i am pretty good at quick scoping on Black Ops, my favourite sniper is the PSG1 but i do use the L96A1. my FC is 4703-2766-8301 my Gt is ZZephyr on my sniping account and ZZeUS on my main account...
  6. GOclanWii

    GO CLAN -- Black Ops

    A Wii Black Ops Clan accepting mature members who play frequently or weekends. A 1.00 K/D Ratio is required. Must be 13 years of age. GO CLAN WEBSITE
  7. 21egroeg


    just talk about hacked call of duty wii matches and share working hack codes. if you send me working codes i will give you working codes. also share hacked matches with others via giving them your ally codes. enjoy the forum.:wink:
  8. W

    Recruiting for black ops clan

    [Death2Cowards] is officially recruiting for 2 more Officers, 4 Recruiters and of course a ton of Members to dominate the battlefield. What you need to know- We are a very tactical team that communicates with each other in games so you might want to get a mic if you don't have one. Also we are...
  9. W

    Black Ops: Map Packs?

    Has anyone been told that the map packs are out? I NEED TO KNOW!!! If they are out, how many Wiipionts are they if they are any at all? :shocked2:
  10. W

    New to the site, not Wii or Black Ops... A little clan info too

    I'm not new to Wii, I just made this to get some members for my clan on Black Ops. If you want to join it you need a mic and a K/D of at LEAST 0.85. Mine is a 0.88 but if it wasn't for my stupid friends always on my account I would have well over 1.00 just so you know I'm not a noob... So you...
  11. W

    Clan [D2C] Info!

    Death2Cowards, also known as [D2C] wants YOU apart of this hardcore clan only on Call of Duty: Black Ops. We are looking for snipers to rushers and everything in between. Also 3 spots are open for high rank Officers that are heads of certain game modes. Hurry though, time is running out! Talk to...
  12. codyyomama


    Hello everyone my name is Cody and I love the wii. I recently got into trick shotting from my friends and I want to get hella great. Yeah support a brother
  13. L

    Wii Chat Channel??

    Why doesn't WiiChat have a youtube channel like machinima or ign? I just started youtubing, so come check me out as I post all things nintendo :)
  14. L

    What is your killer setup?

    What setup gives you those killstreaks, flawless games, and the annoited hacker crown lol My setup: MP5K Rapid C275 Semtex Concusion Claymore Ghost Sleight of Hands Marathon Pro Also you can check out my skills at my youtube :)
  15. S

    Silent Ninja Squad (Black Ops Wii Clan)

    I am starting the black ops clan Silent Ninja Squad. Here's the process to get in to the clan: 1) Click here, this will take you to the application website. There you will fill out an application. When you fill out the application make sure your e-mail is valid. If it isn't I don't have a very...

    hey anone want play mwr or black ops?:D

    Hey everyone im skipping school tomrrow and maybe tuesday. if you want to play mwr or black ops just leave your ally code or send me a ally request my friend codes are in my signature and PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME ON THAT GAME SO I DONT REJECT IT! so please reply

    ok im level 48 and i have prestiged once already on black ops.

    hey im level 48 and already prestiged once do you think i should do it? why or why not?lol

    if you could take out

    if you could take out any killstreak on call of duty black ops what would it be? and if you could make any kill streak what would it be? and how many kills would you need to get it?

    if could...

    if you could create a new perk for call of duty black ops what would it be named and what would be its features?
  20. Z

    Things I Hate On Black Ops.

    Last Chance Perk- "Oh yeah I killed him wait hes alive!" Hackers- "How is he floating?!" Campers- "One more kill till dogs and theirs no one around me! *Sniped* Noo how!" Attack Dogs- Fun to get, hate to be given to. N00B5-No Description. Glitches- Through wall glitch=Fun. Zombie...