Things I Hate On Black Ops.


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Jan 29, 2011
Last Chance Perk- "Oh yeah I killed him wait hes alive!"

Hackers- "How is he floating?!"

Campers- "One more kill till dogs and theirs no one around me! *Sniped* Noo how!"

Attack Dogs- Fun to get, hate to be given to.

N00B5-No Description.

Glitches- Through wall glitch=Fun. Zombie coming through wall glitch=Death.

NoobTube-Read Attack Dogs.

More to come when more annoying things come out!
Second Chance

Annoying fackers hiding in the bushes in Jungle with Ghost, Silenced Weapon, Second Chance, Motion Sensor and Decoys.
snipers being campers is justified if you or anyone else goes against that then that is just beyond retarded because that is a snipers job to camp and pick the enemy out from a distance!

come on now we dont want quick scoping fags running around now do we?

and you forgot the three most important ANNOYING things on black ops

the obvious overpowered yet overused guns known as the FAMAS, AUG, and AK74U
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Annoying things

The fact that it sometimes takes 3-4 shots to kill with my ak-47 when someone can knife me or hit me with a tomahawk from 20 feet away and its a one shot kill.
Not a secondary, but definitely should make it so when you press the knife button you take it out and then you'd have to pull the trigger to use it
I like both your ideas S2K and LazyJack. You should have to draw it as you do a secondary. If you look at the soldier in create a class screen or when you are spectating, you can see that some of them wear it in a sheath facing upwards on their front and some on their back like a sword. There should be at least a small delay when you draw it to use it like you have to when switching from your primary to secondary weapon.