Black Ops: Map Packs?


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Jul 9, 2011
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Has anyone been told that the map packs are out? I NEED TO KNOW!!! If they are out, how many Wiipionts are they if they are any at all? :shocked2:
dude like seriously your like one of the 50000 ppl on wii to ask that question i guaranteed if you take your sweet time to go to the official site of call of duty black ops in then go to the forum then go to black ops then go to wii black ops and then look for a post about dlc you will see that they say no and then if you go to the intel page on the site you will see that they announce the map packs 1 and 2 for xbox 360,ps3 and pc and 3rd map pack announced for xbox 360 which they have already came out so your welcome and have a nice day :)