call of duty

  1. L

    Call of Duty Reflex

    :nunchuck::wiimote: hey! im lala! im from los angeles, ca. just kinda came across this site. i got a wii recently, but i love games. been playing for a while. i enjoy playing on my downtime. im looking to add new friends for fun and find others who play call of duty reflex on the wii. if u do...
  2. D

    sup im sort of new :)

    hello wii chat comunity im new id just like to say hi im a big fan of call of duty but i currently only hav MW reflex i accept pretty much all friend reqwests so friend me and ill see ya then
  3. M

    [MW3] Join MwK* Clan!!

    Anyone who is looking for a clan that is big and powerful, join MwK* Clan. We are on the first page of the Top 100 Mw3 clans, we have a website, a Youtube and a Facebook page. We also have about 50-60 people that all have 2 Kill Death Ratios or higher and None of us hack. In order To get in the...
  4. alphahawk

    Looking for buddy's!!!!

    I'm not new to these games, but my old wii died and i bought a new one so i have low levels. But im not a newbie, pretty okayish. Just looking for new clans to join or friends to add. I play a lot soo yeah lolol I also have mario kart wii, but i dont know my code exactly just yet. I have a wii...
  5. R

    COD Modern Warfare Reflex Friend Code

    Add Me on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex FC: 2438-6605-1035 Let Me Know If You Added Me So I Can Add You Back
  6. salcedo

    COD Black-ops or COD MW3?

    Hi I am needing help on what COD game to purchase and I have narrowed it down to MW3 and Black-ops.My friends had given bad reviews of black-ops but I never really played black-ops but only round my mates houses.But MW3 is the newer one and I have had more experience with it.But on the other...
  7. J

    call of duty modern warfare reflex edition

    Does anyone still play call of duty modern warfare reflex edition? If you do add me my friend code is23860833160 and let me know what your friend code is
  8. GOclanWii

    GO CLAN -- Black Ops

    A Wii Black Ops Clan accepting mature members who play frequently or weekends. A 1.00 K/D Ratio is required. Must be 13 years of age. GO CLAN WEBSITE
  9. M

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Will be Coming to Wii

    Joystiq reports that Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has put an end to recent speculation about whether or not there will be a Wii version of the forthcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 during a recent investor’s call with some very exciting news. Following on from that...
  10. 21egroeg


    just talk about hacked call of duty wii matches and share working hack codes. if you send me working codes i will give you working codes. also share hacked matches with others via giving them your ally codes. enjoy the forum.:wink:
  11. W

    Recruiting for black ops clan

    [Death2Cowards] is officially recruiting for 2 more Officers, 4 Recruiters and of course a ton of Members to dominate the battlefield. What you need to know- We are a very tactical team that communicates with each other in games so you might want to get a mic if you don't have one. Also we are...
  12. W

    Black Ops: Map Packs?

    Has anyone been told that the map packs are out? I NEED TO KNOW!!! If they are out, how many Wiipionts are they if they are any at all? :shocked2:
  13. W

    New to the site, not Wii or Black Ops... A little clan info too

    I'm not new to Wii, I just made this to get some members for my clan on Black Ops. If you want to join it you need a mic and a K/D of at LEAST 0.85. Mine is a 0.88 but if it wasn't for my stupid friends always on my account I would have well over 1.00 just so you know I'm not a noob... So you...
  14. E

    Call of Duty

    Hi, I just learned that there is more than one version of Call of Duty for Wii (Call of Duty 1, 2, 3, etc). I want to buy a Call of Duty that can be played online with other people. I am not sure which Call of Duty I should buy, though. I have played Star Wars: Battlefront I and II...

    hey anone want play mwr or black ops?:D

    Hey everyone im skipping school tomrrow and maybe tuesday. if you want to play mwr or black ops just leave your ally code or send me a ally request my friend codes are in my signature and PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME ON THAT GAME SO I DONT REJECT IT! so please reply
  16. McMurphy

    Wii Disc Drive Failures and How Nintendo is Helping Out

    I own a Nintendo Wii copy of Black Ops; however, my console suffered from permanent disc drive failure on January 14th, 2011 while playing Black Ops. My game of Black Ops froze, and it forced a restart. After rebooting, it can no longer read any game discs; instead, I got the "Disc Cannot be...
  17. D

    Headshots for 2000 wii points cards

    Hey i have 3, 2000 wii points cards that i want to exchange for 200 headshots each card..message me for more info.
  18. S

    The game

    Hi im dustin, i play call of duty modern warfare the most. my friend code is in my signature. private message me if you want to add me. My voxli channel is its a channle for chat speaking that way we can play cod and chat at the same time.
  19. J

    Modern Warfare Reflex Edition: Is it worth getting?

    Is it worth buying or renting? :bacon:
  20. D

    Tell me What u think about this

    i was hungry sick i wanted chips, so i went and put oil in a pan and put it on high i closed door and went to living room to play cod 5 waw on wii,(forgot about oil) then like 15 minutes later i hear someone shout my name...iinstantly rememberd and ran toward kitchen,i saw red and yellow light...