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Feb 27, 2011
Selma, Alabama
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if you could take out any killstreak on call of duty black ops what would it be? and if you could make any kill streak what would it be? and how many kills would you need to get it?
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but then....

but then you would kill me to!:-( lol for how kills?
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then i would run on that only killstreak and get about 3 or maybe 4 of them and use them back to back XD
the black bird to me is stupid, all it does is add the direction. wow, really good and it takes like 3 more kills to get to.
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Oh, thats why i have a gun. I'd much rather have a mortar, rcxd(just for easy xp) and napalm.

well lets see i run spy plane, care package, and attack heliopters(for lots of kills) lol hahaha

ps. thanks for the invite to our clan:)