1. GoldenClam - Accepting New Members now!

    Come join the newest clan available on Goldeneye Wii. "The Clams" Fun is #1 goal and you don't have to be amazing at Goldeneye. Please follow this link to explore your new clan! Thanks everyone! Take care
  2. Spyder

    Started a clan, WII COD BO only.

    DELETED! Got a PS3
  3. Yepi69

    We are looking for Nintendo Wii fans!

    We are currently looking for Nintendo Wii fans or other nintendo consoles/games fans, we are most of the times hosting many wii games but mostly Super smash bros Brawl and Mario kart wii/Mario kart 7 So if you have an facebook account and want to join our little nintendo family group :P just...
  4. JpexCM

    MW3 Clan CheckMate

    Hey I'm Jpex The Creator Of [CM] I Started This Clan Because I Couldn't Find A Clan I Liked That Accepted All Styles Of Play. They Seem To Forget That People Use The Style That Works For Them. They Get All Mad Because This Guy Was Sniping. Or That Guy Was Camping And Then Say It's Unfair. So I...
  5. thys

    MW3 wii clan- Silent Assassins.

    Hey, youre looking for a mw3 wii clan with active members and not to many requirments? then Silent Assassins is something for you!. ( ) the only rules are *have k/d 0,5 + *be active *be respectfull *fill a app *no rasicm if you want to join go...
  6. C

    New Elite Clan

    New clan, [G.o.W.] , gods of war. Its meant for the player that is not obssesed but that is skilled at playing the game. Only one requirement, no glitching!! (recommended for the higher levels)
  7. B

    Nation : Modern Warfare 3 Clan |Recruiting|

    Nation (NATN) Nation (NATN) is a Mw3 Clan which is now CLOSED. (May open up later in the future) We do various gamemodes, with an emphasis on... -Team Deathmatch -Kill Confirmed -Search and Destroy -Domination Requirements: -Lvl over 45 (Prestige or not) -KDR of about 0.8 or higher. -Must...
  8. J

    MW3 Clan 30+ [TKC]

    Are you 30 years of age or older? Are you tired of going it alone in matches, only to be let down by random teammates? Are you over listening to 14 year olds with squeaky voices talking smack? Are you looking for like minded people who want to have fun, no matter the skill level? If you...
  9. D

    E4 is looking for clan war

    Just what the title states, we are looking for a war in GE. We will accept most level caps for the war. Just post here saying you want to war us or pm me
  10. Kimimaro

    Wii multigame clan

    Hello wii players i created a new clan named Amaterasu [AM] is a new multigame clan for wii so if you wanna join here is the link we have 2 chatbox (English-Spanish) for more info PM ME ;)
  11. Kimimaro

    Looking For A Clan

    Hello There , im looking for a clan/s because i play lots of games : GH world tour - warriors of rock , ROCKBAND 2 y 3 -beatles -green day , mario kart wii , ssbb , castlevania judgement , goldeneye(i started a few days ago) , and more. PD: 1)I'm good in the majority of the games , in others...
  12. GOclanWii

    GO CLAN -- Black Ops

    A Wii Black Ops Clan accepting mature members who play frequently or weekends. A 1.00 K/D Ratio is required. Must be 13 years of age. GO CLAN WEBSITE
  13. Ikon_ISK

    Akatsuki Goldeneye 007 Clan

    This is the Akatsuki~Clan!! Imma make this short, the Akatsuki are a bunch of ninjas(players) that have banded together to attempt to change the world ! The requirements of being in this group are: Levels: 25+ (would be nice having players around the same level as me [Lvl 33] but oh well) KDR...
  14. K

    COD Black Ops Clan Recruiting!

    0708-7729-3872 (My Ally Code) Message me on here or COD if you wish to join. We currently are looking for 3 more members and one officer. Visit us here! Vote for us here!
  15. SpudManTwo

    Looking for Clan

    I am an amazing gamer at Golden Eye and often beat everyone in the match. I have 1.5+ kdr. I also play CoD:MWR, Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Rock Band 2 and 3, Pokemon Battle Revolution, and Endless Ocean Blue World. I am not a little 7 year old kid who plays like noob and hacks/cheats. I also own Wii...
  16. Hechan

    Looking For COD MWR Clan

    Hi, I am [Insert Clan Tag Here]Karma Level 45 5th Prestige Here's my stats: W/L Ratio : 1.17 Win Streak: 23 K/D Ratio: 1.66 Kill Streak: 31 Accuracy: 15.03 I'm looking for a fun time with many gamers of various skills!
  17. W

    Recruiting for black ops clan

    [Death2Cowards] is officially recruiting for 2 more Officers, 4 Recruiters and of course a ton of Members to dominate the battlefield. What you need to know- We are a very tactical team that communicates with each other in games so you might want to get a mic if you don't have one. Also we are...
  18. W

    New to the site, not Wii or Black Ops... A little clan info too

    I'm not new to Wii, I just made this to get some members for my clan on Black Ops. If you want to join it you need a mic and a K/D of at LEAST 0.85. Mine is a 0.88 but if it wasn't for my stupid friends always on my account I would have well over 1.00 just so you know I'm not a noob... So you...
  19. W

    Clan [D2C] Info!

    Death2Cowards, also known as [D2C] wants YOU apart of this hardcore clan only on Call of Duty: Black Ops. We are looking for snipers to rushers and everything in between. Also 3 spots are open for high rank Officers that are heads of certain game modes. Hurry though, time is running out! Talk to...
  20. E

    Wii Online Gaming Clan

    Hi. My name is Ezawesome (not really). I am the founder of this online gaming clan. I am making this because whenever I go to play online with people either nobody is on, or the people that are online are fags who don't know how to sit back and enjoy a game. But anyways, I am making this because...