Nation : Modern Warfare 3 Clan |Recruiting|


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Jan 4, 2012
Reno, NV

Nation (NATN) is a Mw3 Clan which is now CLOSED.
(May open up later in the future)

We do various gamemodes, with an emphasis on...

-Team Deathmatch
-Kill Confirmed
-Search and Destroy

-Lvl over 45 (Prestige or not)
-KDR of about 0.8 or higher.
-Must be a dedicated and mature player of CoD

-Mic is NOT required to join
-We DO have an emphasis on teamwork, especially when doing SnD.
-Website may go up if needed.
-I also do Survival; if you wish to do a couple of rounds with me, email me.

If you wish to join, please email me at [email protected] with the following:
-Current Level (and current prestige, if any)
-Current KDR
-Subject titled "NATN Clan"
-(Optional) Why you would be a good addition to the clan.

If you wish to do Survival with me, email me with the following:
-Subject Titled "Survival"
-Ally Code

You will know if you joined if I send you my Ally Code.
If you do join, please (like any other clan) put [NATN] in your profile name.

:papermario: Thank you for considering Nation! :papermario:

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