1. M

    [MW3] Join MwK* Clan!!

    Anyone who is looking for a clan that is big and powerful, join MwK* Clan. We are on the first page of the Top 100 Mw3 clans, we have a website, a Youtube and a Facebook page. We also have about 50-60 people that all have 2 Kill Death Ratios or higher and None of us hack. In order To get in the...
  2. P

    wanting british ppl on allys list on mw3 <3

    0057 1436 2990 my name on that account will be Di$$loved~pleasure my other account if u wanna add is unpleasurable. 3331 6776 8486
  3. 2


    hey guys i was just wondering if any of you have gotten these beauties? i just got my first on sea-town 29-0
  4. JpexCM

    Official MW3 Ally Code Exchange

    Please don't make another thread for this it's kinda unnecessary. My Ally Code is in my signature.
  5. thys

    MW3 wii clan- Silent Assassins.

    Hey, youre looking for a mw3 wii clan with active members and not to many requirments? then Silent Assassins is something for you!. ( ) the only rules are *have k/d 0,5 + *be active *be respectfull *fill a app *no rasicm if you want to join go...
  6. X

    MW3 Not Working >:o

    Ever since the xm25 glitch update i haven't been able to play Mw3. It keeps saying error code 21024 when ever i click on multiplayer. if any one has a solution plzz reply to this. :yesnod:
  7. C

    New Elite Clan

    New clan, [G.o.W.] , gods of war. Its meant for the player that is not obssesed but that is skilled at playing the game. Only one requirement, no glitching!! (recommended for the higher levels)
  8. B

    Nation : Modern Warfare 3 Clan |Recruiting|

    Nation (NATN) Nation (NATN) is a Mw3 Clan which is now CLOSED. (May open up later in the future) We do various gamemodes, with an emphasis on... -Team Deathmatch -Kill Confirmed -Search and Destroy -Domination Requirements: -Lvl over 45 (Prestige or not) -KDR of about 0.8 or higher. -Must...
  9. R

    MW3 Friend Codes

    Everybody Add Me On Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 FC: 2565-9156-7856
  10. R

    Anybody Looking Too Recruit A MW3 Clan Member

    I Got Call Of Duty MW3 and I Wanna Join An Awesome Clan So Let Me Know if You Need A New Member
  11. salcedo

    COD Black-ops or COD MW3?

    Hi I am needing help on what COD game to purchase and I have narrowed it down to MW3 and Black-ops.My friends had given bad reviews of black-ops but I never really played black-ops but only round my mates houses.But MW3 is the newer one and I have had more experience with it.But on the other...
  12. Braydo

    Error Code 20100 when trying to play online COD MW3

    Hi everyone, am new to this forum but was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. My Wii is able to connect to the internet just fine, yet when i go to play online in modern warfare 3 it comes up with the error code 20100. :frown5: I have looked online and all it tells me is that my wii...
  13. J

    MW3 Clan 30+ [TKC]

    Are you 30 years of age or older? Are you tired of going it alone in matches, only to be let down by random teammates? Are you over listening to 14 year olds with squeaky voices talking smack? Are you looking for like minded people who want to have fun, no matter the skill level? If you...