1. M

    Wii Issue

    I have a black Wii the model # is RVL-001(USA) the serial # is LU204626273 I have grey Aokin AV cable cord ending with the white,yellow and red ports, the model # for it is RVL-009 I have a Console power AC adapter cord with the model # RVL-002 and it also has i think this is the serial #...
  2. T

    Is there a way to connect 2 sensor bars to a wii?

    Yesterday I set up my wii in my car for the fun of it and noticed that it's more efficient to just have two sensor bars rather than one in the middle as I had to move my Wiimote to the middle of my car where the single sensor bar was located (except for Mario cart Wii for whatever reason). So is...
  3. Z

    Help Black screen after Health screen [IDK where to put]

    I am having an error with my wii. After the health and safety screen it goes black. Is there any way to fix this? I can't do the following: Open up my wii and mess around with the parts, plug it in to my pc and edit it's files. If there is any solutions please reply.
  4. M

    We Sing 80s Edition Announced

    Nordic Games has today announced the very latest addition to its extremely popular singing game franchise – We Sing 80s. Yes, it’s the decade of big hair, shoulder pads, and some of the best pop and rock music around that’s still getting everyone up on the dance floor and singing along to this...
  5. M

    Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise Out On Wii in Europe July 6

    Nintendo announced today that Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise will be dancing into European stores on July 6. This is the first time that the game has appeared on a home console rather than a handheld, with the Wii version featuring 50 brand new rhythm games, as well as the eccentric characters...
  6. M

    Enclave: Shadows of Twilight RPG Coming to Wii on May 22

    TopWare Interactive announced today that the RPG, Enclave - Shadows of Twilight, will be coming to the Wii on May 22 2012, in cooperation with developers Dojodoo Enterprise, marking the first time that the franchise has appeared on a console. The game mixes the features of the award-winning 2003...
  7. M

    Nintendo Sheds More Light on Project Zero: Wii Edition

    Nintendo has today released lots of spooky details about the forthcoming Wii edition of Project Zero 2, which it will be releasing on June 29 in Europe, in partnership with Tecmo Koei Games. The Wii-exclusive relaunched version of the game includes all-new motion gameplay features, and...
  8. M

    Ice Age: Continental Drift – Arctic Games Coming to Wii This Summer

    Activision has announced the forthcoming release of Ice Age: Continental Drift – Arctic Games, which will be launched this summer on all major consoles, including the Wii, presumably to tie in with the Olympic Games in London. Developed by Behaviour Interactive, the game is an extension of the...
  9. GoldenClam

    TheClams.webs.com - Accepting New Members now!

    Come join the newest clan available on Goldeneye Wii. "The Clams" Fun is #1 goal and you don't have to be amazing at Goldeneye. Please follow this link to explore your new clan! theclams.webs.com Thanks everyone! Take care
  10. M

    [MW3] Join MwK* Clan!!

    Anyone who is looking for a clan that is big and powerful, join MwK* Clan. We are on the first page of the Top 100 Mw3 clans, we have a website, a Youtube and a Facebook page. We also have about 50-60 people that all have 2 Kill Death Ratios or higher and None of us hack. In order To get in the...
  11. M

    PES 2013 Announced for Wii

    Konami has today announced the annual event that is the release of the latest PES game, with PES 2013.The game will be coming to all major consoles this autumn, including the Wii. Obviously the Wii version won’t have all the bells and whistles that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will be blessed...
  12. Spyder

    Started a clan, WII COD BO only.

    DELETED! Got a PS3
  13. M

    Battleship: The Videogame Out Now in the UK

    Hasbro and Activision announced that Battleship The Video Game hits stores today for all major consoles including the Wii. The game is a hybrid between military strategy and fast-paced first-person-shooter gaming, with players taking control of a powerful naval fleet and experiencing the...
  14. R

    Another NSMBWii Hack RockrGang Edition

    RockrGang Edition Gameplay Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EwHspfDtJY&feature=youtu.be
  15. M

    Xenoblade Chronicles Finally Arrives in the US

    This weekend is a very special one for Nintendo RPG fans in the US, as will be the first weekend they’ve had to spend with their brand spanking new copy of Xenoblade Chronicles, which has finally been released for the Wii in the US as a result of a concerted campaign of fan power (Operation...
  16. M

    Men in Black: Alien Crisis Gets Release Date and New Details

    Activision has today revealed that the new Men In Black: Alien Crisis game will be released for all major consoles, including the Wii, on May 25, which is also the day that the long-awaited Men In Black 3 movie hits the cinemas in the US. To maximize ultimate agent gameplay, all versions of the...
  17. M

    Warren Spector Tells Everyone to Stop Panicking About Epic Mickey 2’s Musical Element

    Eurogamer has a great interview with Junction Point’s creative director and vice president, Warren Spector today where he addresses the fact that apparently some people weren’t as pleased as I was to hear the announcement the other week that the forthcoming Disney Epic Mickey 2 game would be a...
  18. P

    wanting british ppl on allys list on mw3 <3

    0057 1436 2990 my name on that account will be Di$$loved~pleasure my other account if u wanna add is unpleasurable. 3331 6776 8486
  19. M

    Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle Out Today

    Avast, ye landlubbers (and other such piratical expressions that are compulsory when writing about pirate games), Reef Entertainment’s high-seas adventure extravaganza, Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle, arrives today for the Wii. The game is the work of BAFTA-nominated adventure game writer...
  20. M

    First Ever Squash Video Game Announced for Wii

    Strange as it may seem, there has never been an official Squash video game. Of course there have been plenty of video games involving squashing, with some gaming heroes such as Mario being pastmasters of the art of squashing, but no such thing, until now, as an official game involving the sport...