Help Black screen after Health screen [IDK where to put]


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Dec 8, 2018
I am having an error with my wii. After the health and safety screen it goes black. Is there any way to fix this? I can't do the following: Open up my wii and mess around with the parts, plug it in to my pc and edit it's files. If there is any solutions please reply.
Sorry for the wait for the response- these forums have largely died off.

It sounds like the resource files to your wii would be corrupt. If you still have some form of warranty with the person that sold you the wii then you can take it back to them for a refund or replacement. Otherwise you will have to replace the entire board yourself, though the console in its entirety should be cheap enough to replace.
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Out of curiosity did the seller softmod the Wii or did you? Because what you are describing "After the health and safety screen it goes black" sounds a lot like when someone installs a Wii theme totally wrong and or installs Priiloader wrong and bricks.