Tsubaki No Mai
Jun 5, 2011
Wii Online Code
Hello There , im looking for a clan/s because i play lots of games : GH world tour - warriors of rock , ROCKBAND 2 y 3 -beatles -green day , mario kart wii , ssbb , castlevania judgement , goldeneye(i started a few days ago) , and more.

PD: 1)I'm good in the majority of the games , in others intermediate and in goldeneye newbie xD
2)I add more games constantly , and im very active
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swing by if you are interested in a newer GE clan. I'm the leader and level 28(second account), I only require that you have some skill(not a complete noob :p) and that you use a Justice League members or DC comics name in all caps.

I try to get on and be active as much as I can but I work alot of crazy hours, I can try and be in chat pretty often though if you want to talk.