mario kart

  1. M

    Should I buy this game? Is it fun?

    I own a lot of the Mario games but not Mario Kart. I've been thinking about buying it. What are people's opinions on it? Is it fun/worth the money? I've been saving money but I don't know if I want to spend it all on the game because I will need a second controller (so I can play with my...
  2. vango

    mario kart wii friend codes

    add my friend code and leave your's if you want to race? my code is 0732-9879-1829
  3. Kimimaro

    Wii multigame clan

    Hello wii players i created a new clan named Amaterasu [AM] is a new multigame clan for wii so if you wanna join here is the link we have 2 chatbox (English-Spanish) for more info PM ME ;)
  4. Kimimaro

    Looking For A Clan

    Hello There , im looking for a clan/s because i play lots of games : GH world tour - warriors of rock , ROCKBAND 2 y 3 -beatles -green day , mario kart wii , ssbb , castlevania judgement , goldeneye(i started a few days ago) , and more. PD: 1)I'm good in the majority of the games , in others...
  5. mattysoul

    What up everybody? I am mattysoul!

    What is going on people? I love the Nintendo Wii, and I cannot wait for the Wii 2! We also need MarioKart 2! Let me know if y'all need anything!
  6. O

    Hey, wii players!!!

    Hi!, I have had a Wii for about a year now and i haven't started playing very much since a month ago, well i have good experience on Mario Kart and some racing games, such as need for speed. i just ordered the new James Bond goldeneye on Wii which is meant to be great!, especially because it has...
  7. H

    Moving saved game data from one Wii to another

    Ok so I had a Wii that stopped reading discs, everything else seemed to work fine but I could put any game you wanted in it and it wouldn't read. My wife got me a replacement Wii for our anniversary so now I'm need to transfer all my saved data over to the new one. After going through the...