guitar hero

  1. Kimimaro

    Looking For A Clan

    Hello There , im looking for a clan/s because i play lots of games : GH world tour - warriors of rock , ROCKBAND 2 y 3 -beatles -green day , mario kart wii , ssbb , castlevania judgement , goldeneye(i started a few days ago) , and more. PD: 1)I'm good in the majority of the games , in others...
  2. W

    Wii port issues

    Hi all We play guitar hero online but when we go to accept a friend request or view any score charts it crashes and have to turn wii off and on again, and its now showing my name under as all players names when playing online. Im under impression its port forwarding issues. Please see print...

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    Hello WiiChat, Does anyone know any cheats for the game Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock if so please comment or if you to play with me tell me.
  4. R

    New Girl (:

    Heya I'm new to all this, just thougth I would introduce myself I will exchange wii freind codes I have got guitar hero 5 I have also got msn. (:
  5. TheRealS

    GHWT players wanted

    anyone willing to play? care to challenge me? :) or even start a band those interested pm me and i will give my FC :wink: