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Jan 21, 2011
In your house
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I am an amazing gamer at Golden Eye and often beat everyone in the match. I have 1.5+ kdr. I also play CoD:MWR, Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Rock Band 2 and 3, Pokemon Battle Revolution, and Endless Ocean Blue World. I am not a little 7 year old kid who plays like noob and hacks/cheats. I also own Wii Speak for clan talks. My current in-game name for Golden Eye is Baba O'Reily (a reference to the song by The Who). I would prefer a smaller clan but will also join a larger clan. I will answer any other questions you might have or give you a demo if you need one.
[DE] is recruiting,it stands for Dead eye and its a sniper clan!!!But u dont hav to be a sniper to join.We r short on members and only hav 7.But we hope to grow bigger and dominate people with silencers 1 day.If u want to try out our clan or join plz PM me.The leader is named scout in this chat and is scope in goldeneye.PLZ LOOK AT THE THREAD BELOW YOURS FOR THE WEB LINK. I'm $@M second in command of [DE]
hey scope. i saw your post on RS site. thanks for stopping by. We don't accept dual clanning. Also we are only accepting PAL at the moment, sorry :(
please reply...
even if you aren't interested

I'm recruiting for the GE Justice League, we are small with only 5 members as of now and I plan on keeping it at no more than 10. Unless people go inactive and we need to recruit more. swing by my site @ www.gejusticeleague.webs.com as I don't monitor this forum often :)

My only requirement right now is using a Justice League/DC Comics name, hope to see you soon.

WiiChat has an official Goldeneye clan. the tag is [WC]. Last time I checked, you had to be at least lvl 35 with a k/d of 1.5 of better.
if that doesn't float your boat, you can join the more casual clan PWN, of which I am a member. :D the tag it [PWN] or .pwn, whichever suits you. PM Chino D if you want to join. he'll give you the deets.