1. GoldenClam - Accepting New Members now!

    Come join the newest clan available on Goldeneye Wii. "The Clams" Fun is #1 goal and you don't have to be amazing at Goldeneye. Please follow this link to explore your new clan! Thanks everyone! Take care
  2. Spyder

    Started a clan, WII COD BO only.

    DELETED! Got a PS3
  3. Skelatoa

    Savage Soldiers

    Hey all....Welcome to the NEW Savage Soldiers Open Recruiting Thread SAVAGE SOLDIERS 2.0... UPGRADED AND READY TO KICK A%# About us: We are a close bunch of friends that like to play games and have fun. We maintain a clan of both Wii players and PS3 players. We DO NOT welcome drama here. If...
  4. SpudManTwo

    Looking for Clan

    I am an amazing gamer at Golden Eye and often beat everyone in the match. I have 1.5+ kdr. I also play CoD:MWR, Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Rock Band 2 and 3, Pokemon Battle Revolution, and Endless Ocean Blue World. I am not a little 7 year old kid who plays like noob and hacks/cheats. I also own Wii...
  5. Hechan

    Looking For COD MWR Clan

    Hi, I am [Insert Clan Tag Here]Karma Level 45 5th Prestige Here's my stats: W/L Ratio : 1.17 Win Streak: 23 K/D Ratio: 1.66 Kill Streak: 31 Accuracy: 15.03 I'm looking for a fun time with many gamers of various skills!
  6. A

    underrated/ obcsure wii games?

    So I have a wii and have collected tons of games across the world such. Being a wii owner, I don’t have a large library of decent games to choose from. im still searching far and wide for underrated and obscure games that are good. Any ideas of any good games? Any new ones not out yet? Btw here...