Akatsuki Goldeneye 007 Clan


True Pain
Mar 10, 2011
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This is the Akatsuki~Clan!!
Imma make this short, the Akatsuki are a bunch of ninjas(players) that have banded together to attempt to change the world !
The requirements of being in this group are:
Levels: 25+ (would be nice having players around the same level as me [Lvl 33] but oh well)
KDR: 1.00+
No host quits, no matter how bad we are losing by or if there are Noob Tubers in the game. Hackers i can understand, or Wii Problems, but other than that no way. I probably will not be host sadly due to my horrible internet connection... but anyways.
Alright time to change things up, theres no more need to change your name, if uu want to yu can, but its not required anymore
I normally play @ 9 EST

Names of the Members of the Akatsuki:
Pain (Ikon_ISK) FC#: 4757 1884 5644
Itachi (Johnny T.) FC#: 1647-4174-0130
Zetsu (Zetsu) FC#: 1705 7744 6819
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hmm you seem to be all over the place, joining all clans and wat not... i dont mind you joining except idk if its our connections but we seem to have problems in doing party invites S: How about the name thing, any problems?
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idk yet to be honest, im thinking [AK], or just the names i provided
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lol when we get more than two members.. hmm i think they may have cheaters/hackers in their clan though
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ye let us focus on getting more members first kay?
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lol my my arent you excited , most pplz that i know are the run and gun kind of players, thats how i am too. good snipers are pretty difficult to find, but are a great asset if yu do find one
Hey, I'm intersted. I have a 1.74 K/DR and I am a level 56
I think I can, are you familar with the wiichat member scout00721, he claims that he is a good sniper. Also, I could also be a good sniper too, but im usally a on the run shooter but I can do both.