New goldeneye clan DK (deadly killers) accepting all levels

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Aug 10, 2011
Artery101Posted 8/10/2011 8:14:30 PMmessageHi, I'm creating a new clan for goldeneye 007. It is called DK (deadly Killers) and everyone is welcome to join (preferably level 10 and higher) Just post ur fc along with ur name if you are interested in joining. I love clan wars and as soon as we have enough players, I promise I will find different clans to battle. We will have lots of fun in this clan!
theres alot of clans being made these days, join one. thats the best way to get into the clan wars and stuff.:yesnod:
Dont worry ill join ur clan because i wanted to join a clan that was new. Also, your clan is the only one excepting all lvls and thats cool to me because ur not isolating anyone, everyone is free to join. But dont worry i am over level 10. I think im on level 16 or 17 i cant really tell right now because i not home. If you would like me to join my username is Phantom and my friend code is 0179 0238 6943. PM your friend code and username
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I would like to join your clan my name is hot ice i am level 23 and I play pretty often i will give my FC a little later
I have been looking for a small clan to join (im more interested in the underdogs as opposed to thise big "hoo-rah!" clans). As of yesterday i am a level 37. I cant remember my FC tght now, but i can give it to u if i am accepted. What I can bring to the table:I am in love with the terralite and Wolfe .44, but am skilled with every weapon (adapt to survive)I believe in working smart, not hard, so i have grade VII in almost all weapon proficencies. I have been told i have a natural talent for First person shooters.I know many tactics and team techniques that i will be happy to shareWhat i am most good at is Clearing, then securing an area. Such as the stairwell on jungle. I do not camp. Give me any weapon and i can guarantee a 5:2 kill ratio. minimum. thank you for considering me
By god, count me in! My user name is Majora'sMask and my F.C is 2510-8219-6665.
Also, I'm level 29.
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WHat is this guy he hasnt been on for days and ive been waitin for a reply i might make my own clan instead if he doesnt answer by next week
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