1. GoldenClam - Accepting New Members now!

    Come join the newest clan available on Goldeneye Wii. "The Clams" Fun is #1 goal and you don't have to be amazing at Goldeneye. Please follow this link to explore your new clan! Thanks everyone! Take care
  2. salcedo

    I'm back!!!

    Hey guys I'm finally back sorry if I haven't been on in a while I got skyrim for Xbox around Christmas and became addicted to it anyway since I haven't been on in a while most people won't know me so yeah I play goldeneye and am hoping to start playing again tonight so just comment if you wan't...
  3. S

    XP Hack Please!(Goldeneye 007)

    Hello as i am a new member to this site as well to super xp battles in goldeneye.But as said i need to find a friend for the game that can help me out by super xp hacing the game by any chance can you help?Responces please!
  4. 00Angelhrt

    Goldeneye or NFC Championships?

    Question of the Day: To Play Goldeneye or Watch the NFC Championship Game? :confused5:
  5. 00Angelhrt

    What Type of Controller are you Using for Goldeneye?

    I use the Gold Classic Controller that came with my game. Now that I am on WiiChat I've noticed that other people mention using the NunChuk and Wii Remote. Has anyone tried both and have an opinion on which is better?
  6. link2000

    Recruiting players for my new clan (LOCKED).

  7. salcedo

    Is Goldeneye needing a DLC?

    Aren't you getting kind of bored playing the same maps on goldeneye I mean don't get me wrong it's a great game,but is it in need of something new?.This may sound like a "Call of duty" thing to do but I think releasing new maps,guns,gadgets or even possibly a new game mode or 2 may help benefit...
  8. salcedo

    Who's playing Goldeneye

    Hi there If anyone is wanting to play Goldeneye just post something.I am always on Goldeneye so I would play a couple of games and also don't forget to post your goldeneye friend code so I can add you.Whoever wants to add me,my Goldeneye friend code is 415-249-056-355.So just private message me...
  9. D34dM4N

    What are your Loadouts and how do you label them?

    I'm curious as to how other people are setting themsleves up and what they are using so I'm asking. Tell your level and how you have your custom loadouts named. What I do is try to abbreviate what I'm using so I know what I'm picking I'm a level 52, about 19000 away from leveling up. 1. Sv4...
  10. D

    E4 is looking for clan war

    Just what the title states, we are looking for a war in GE. We will accept most level caps for the war. Just post here saying you want to war us or pm me
  11. gpred

    New Clan on the block! SSM now looking for members! Goldeneye

    Hey im gpred better known as PHANTOM in goldeneye, and I am the commander of the Sharp Shooter Masters, also known as the SSM clan. We are now looking for reruites on any level we dont are. If you get in you should no that when ever we have clan meetings or we talk about the clan we do it hear...
  12. link2000

    "Goldeneye" sniping match.

    Today at 9:00p.m eastern. I'm holding a sniper's "only" match. If want to join my game, then inform me your Friend code. Also, make sure you get to me before 8:30p.m eastern, or you'll be too late. Fc: 2510-8219-6665.
  13. link2000

    Goldeneye: The tell of host rage quit.

    Alright. Yesterday I was playing a match of team conflict on Goldeneye and it was going rather well, until there was approximately one second left of the game. Guess what happened? I'm assuming you guys probably know. The host quit the match and I lost everything. My experience points and my...
  14. M

    }{eroes clan

    Hi there, name's Mark. I'm the leader of the fairly new clan for the GoldenEye games called the }{eroes. You can read our short bio at our site: We're looking for new recruits and new friends; we like to fight other clans and just have sometimes. We play regular...
  15. Ikon_ISK

    Akatsuki Goldeneye 007 Clan

    This is the Akatsuki~Clan!! Imma make this short, the Akatsuki are a bunch of ninjas(players) that have banded together to attempt to change the world ! The requirements of being in this group are: Levels: 25+ (would be nice having players around the same level as me [Lvl 33] but oh well) KDR...
  16. Miz

    Call to All Hackers!!!

    :lovewii:Tired of getting bitched at cause you like to bend the rules in the name of fun? Want to join with others who live by FTW!? Want to incur the Wrath of the gaming community, these forums included, just for the Lulz? Well rejoice hated code crunchers! Join the Goldeneye Hackers Clan...
  17. UNKNOWN1

    [FtB] Clan

    If you are interested in joining our clan [FtB], visit our website: Requirements: Level: 35 or Above, if not, you must submit a screenshot of the results of a game-play. Kill to Death Ratio (KD): 1 or higher--You must again submit a...
  18. Whitefire

    Those Stupis NOOBS!

    So pretty much here post any noob moments u get in Goldeneye 007 wii. The one thing i hate is being blown up by a grenade launcher, im kool with that until i check they are level 4!!! I am fine if someone over level 15 or 20 killing me with a grenade launcher cause i no they got experience, also...
  19. W

    New goldeneye wii clan [nn]

    nn stands for no gamer tag, ur wrst fear, level 21, I'll get my friend code out asap, looking for players level 10 and up, requirements, befriend all members(including me).
  20. M

    Looking for friends!

    So, I'm a level 17 from the US and I've been loving the game! Looking for people who want to play! I like Goldeneye mode the best, but I'm down for anything. My fc is: 3998 7086 1801 Shoot me a response an we'll go from there! And a big hello if we've played with or against each other...