1. K

    SSBB: Competitive Brawl Battles ;)

    Looking for good players or anybody who enjoys a nice a brawl. Call me Kukie BFC: 1377-4082-1554
  2. ALex12

    Time to Brawl

    Just got brawl and would like to battle some people here's my Fc: 3482-6137-2020
  3. yuyumew


    ..anyone have any tips for me? I'm about to start fighting Tabuu in The Subspace Emissary. My best characters are Pit, Zelda, Ice Climbers, and R.O.B. thanks.
  4. AllMySins

    Brawling, Anyone?

    YOU MUST BE ONLINE RIGHT NOWIF YOU WANT TO BRAWL. Please, people, if you want to set out a LIVE brawl challenge, then put it in this format: INGAME NAME: Sins* FRIEND CODE: 1635-6617-1001* STATUS OF PLAYABILITY: ex. Online, Ready for a match*, etc. *These are all of my settings for...
  5. Mr. MR

    Moveset Predictions of SSB4

    Any predictions of any moveset changes? Like from Melee to Brawl Link got the GaleBoomerang, Mario got F.L.U.D.D.... Any ideas?
  6. SatanicJay

    Hail satan!

    Howdy world, I'm SatanicJay, and I love playing my :wiibox:..... And as my name suggests, I am indeed Satanic. My favorite games I have are Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Strikers Charged, and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Oh yea, and before I forget- HAIL SATAN!!!
  7. T

    SUPER WEIRD Wi-Fi Experience

    Ok, so I was in a regular brawl as a yellow kirby and there was only one other person there, and they were a Jigglypuff. Our stage? It ended up being the batting area! Like, where you try to get the sandbag as far as you possibly can? Yeah. So of course, no one died since it's an endless area...
  8. K

    What's your favorite Brawl Character?

    If you want to tell about your favorite Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character, post here. Mine is Lucario, because of his high agility but good moves in general.