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    Wii contract bridge game

    Is there a Wii multi-player bridge (card game) anywhere that we can play on our Wii?
  2. E

    card not useable No cards are

    I have used a couple different cards with my wii, and they worked fine. Now I try using them and they now have the card not useable. even cards that I used before. any ideas?? They are 256mb card, 1 gig card and even the micro card with adapter. I am trying to use the photo channel as they...
  3. Z

    Who would like to see Lost Kingdoms III for Wii?

    I have been told many times that if enough people want something, it can happen. So, any body would like see LK for the Wii? I know I do. This game had a unique gameplay that kicked ass! The Wii needs more good titles and LK3 would be a really dawn good one. I would hate to see this awesome...
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    Advice on upgrading my memory card

    Hi all, I have a 1gb sd card that is currently storing downloaded songs for Guitar Hero and Rock band 2. I have GH WT, Greatest Hits, and now GH5. GH5 allows you to store the songs from WT and GH and load them into GH5 without having to change disks. However, my current 1GB card is to full to...