Advice on upgrading my memory card


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Oct 19, 2007
Hi all,
I have a 1gb sd card that is currently storing downloaded songs for Guitar Hero and Rock band 2. I have GH WT, Greatest Hits, and now GH5. GH5 allows you to store the songs from WT and GH and load them into GH5 without having to change disks. However, my current 1GB card is to full to be able to do this. So... I am looking to do two things:

1. Upgrade to either a 16 or 32gb SDHC card which Nintendo states is now compatible with the Wii since the 4.0 Menu updated.

2. I then want to copy all the content (Saves, songs, etc) from the 1gb card to the newer card once I purchase this. I do have an usb card reader that I can plug into the wii with the new card after I get it.

I am figuring I am not the only person that has gone this route, and any advice on either of these items would be greatly appreciated so I can avoid any mistakes others have made doing the same thing.

Thanks in Advance,

When buying a new SDHC card make sure it is a class 6 card. The class 6 are much faster at reading/writing.
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follow up question

One other question. Is there any issue with Rockband2 Using and SDHC card. I have read conflicting info on other forums, and I do use that and have several dlc songs as well.

That I don't know, but you could always google it to see if there are any known issues with SDHC and rock band.
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Thanks for the tips those of you that responded, but I cannot believe someone has not tried what I looking to do. I would love to hear from someone that has done this and your results.