city folk

  1. R

    ACCF fc

    may i please go out to someone's town fc is 2580-6548-2915
  2. JasperAC

    Animal Crossing: Character Creation

    I know you're probably thinking 'Wow, this guy plays Animal Crossing?', but it's actually not to bad. I'm not a 'shooting games' type of person, I don't like watching people bleed to death or loose their guts. I mean really, what's the fun in those games? Anyway, the reason I posted this thread...
  3. auzzietalk

    Trade Animal Crossing: City Folk friend Codes with Me? (Read Inside)

    I DO NOT have the Wii Speak add-on but I plan on getting it Febuary 18 and I have a wireless keyboard so I can still respond quickly. Anyways, Code; 0903-6962-1826 Oh and, Town Name - Spazilla