Trade Animal Crossing: City Folk friend Codes with Me? (Read Inside)


Koopa :]
Jan 25, 2009
Wii Online Code
I DO NOT have the Wii Speak add-on but I plan on getting it Febuary 18 and I have a wireless keyboard so I can still respond quickly. Anyways,

Code; 0903-6962-1826

Oh and, Town Name - Spazilla
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Would any one want to add me?If u would my data is...
I have almost everybug and almost every fish in museum and i have Nookingtons.:cool:
Gate Status: Open:yikes:
Add if u please, if you do share account info with meh:D
Namen Diane
Code 0646-0868-9307
City Howard
add me to your contact and I will add u to mine
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i just added everyone who gave their info.
I'm really back and forth over whether to buy AC: City Folk. Like, I loved the first AC. It was the first gamecube game I really got hooked to. Wild World was...okay. Alot of stuff missing but still okay.

If I can find it at a decent price, I'll definitely snag it but at the price it is now...

I just don't know. Some people are telling me, it's same old, same old. Some are telling it's the best ever. Reviews please?
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Hi there everyone I'm looking for friends on ac for my girlfriend as she has no mates that have it yet so if anyone can help would be very grateful
Town name; K-town
Name; Kaylee
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