friend code

  1. J

    Resident evil revelations

    hey guys just noticed no one has posted anything about this game i just recently got it with the dual pad pro i loved it the story gets really intense and all but i was wanting to play online with some of you guys on raid mode so please message back on this forum if you wanna play :) my 3ds...
  2. E

    Anyone want to play Animal crossing online?

    Anyone have animal crossing and online, add me Friend code - 2323-0378-3697 Name - Misty Town - AppleBay Send me your friend codes, and if anyone is online now can i visit your town? The gates are open to my town
  3. R

    Wii Friend Code Exchange 2012.....

    Add Me On Wii Please FC: 3851-8785-1944-7091 Name: RockrGang PM Me Too Let Me Know You Added Me So I Can Add You Back Games I Have Call of Duty Reflex, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Mario Kart Wii, Madden 12, Super Smash Bros Brawl And Many More.... Let Me Know if You Need...
  4. R

    Mario Kart Wii Friend Code

    FC: 1335-1631-3423 Add Me And PM Me So I Can Know You Added Me So I Can Add You Back
  5. rubini988

    Add my pin on 3DS!

    Hey everyone add me on 3DS! (My friend code is on my signature)
  6. salcedo

    Who's playing Goldeneye

    Hi there If anyone is wanting to play Goldeneye just post something.I am always on Goldeneye so I would play a couple of games and also don't forget to post your goldeneye friend code so I can add you.Whoever wants to add me,my Goldeneye friend code is 415-249-056-355.So just private message me...
  7. R

    Goldeneye Friend Codes

    Hi Everyone Feel Free To Leave Your Goldeneye Friend Codes Bellow Also My Friend Code Is 1002 5383 0660 I Will Add You Back ASAP Have Fun :)
  8. Wiizilent

    I'm new too both this forum and the wii

    What's up? I'm new here my names rezil,rezilent but u can call me Ree for short . I got a wii for Christmas last year but just started using it so I'm a newbee lol . Please add me on wii my friend list is very short atm .I love RPGs fps racing games action/ platformers my favorites are Mario ...
  9. aro19

    Animal Crossing City Folk And Super Smash Bros Brawl Friend Codes Wanted

    Please Give Me your Animal Crossing City Folk And Super Smash Bros Brawl Friend Codes Because I have two ssbb Codes and Zero Animal Crossing! Oh and you may need these... Animal Crossing City Folk Friend Code: 1420-8503-8807 Name: Nathan Town: Windflo (Please note that Nathan is not my real...
  10. Chrisie

    New Member

    Hey everyone my name is Christian but you can call me Chrisie. (I'm a girl btw NOT a boy.) I live in Ohio but my family came to America from Ethiopia. I love to play video games, read, play sports, and listen to music. I have 3 DS's (I don't really play them anymore) and a Wii. I used to have a...
  11. Geeky_Gir

    Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Codes

    Hey I'm trying to find some friends to hang out with My town is Calonia My Name is Skye And my Friend Code is 2107 6945 2065 Let me know when u add me k
  12. B

    endless ocean version 1 friend codes

    anyone wanna play? my code is 9310-9832-9451 also my mii code is : 1145-2915-9711-0918
  13. falcon973

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl "Friend Code Exchange"

    Wii and SSBB Friend Codes This is to get Wii friend codes and SSBB friend codes. I am always on so just private message me your Wii friend code and/or your SSBB friend code and tell me you added me and i will reply when i add you. Wii FC: 3423-7236-6413-5583 SSBB FC: 2622-4021-4569
  14. S

    500 wii points amazing free

    On the 21st November 2009 Nintendo launched it's Connection Ambassador Promotion The promotion is to allow users to refer friends, in return they earn 500 points AND their friend also earns 500 points. It takes only a few seconds and will allow you to purchase items from the Nintendo store...
  15. T

    Civilization revolution

    anyone else have that game, my friend code for civ revolution is 494163466752 i just started playing on warlord difficulty so anyone wanna be friends and fight sometime
  16. NinjaKitty

    Samba De Amigo Friends

    Friends needed! Never played it online yet but I have added someone (he never showed!). Anyway if you want to play online drop me a note and we will add each other!
  17. R

    Hello post your friend code & screen name here:)

    Im new to this but have been playing wii games for 3 years. I Live in Toms River NJ so if you live in this area or not post your friend code here. My Wii screen name is Daft Punk and my Wii Friend Number is 0336 4362 1041 9698
  18. C

    Another Generic I am NEW Thread

    Hello, I'm CHAZ from Brooklyn, New York. And I just found this site today, figured it would be an easy way to find new people to play games with online. I currently only have two games with online. Brawl: 2407-1154-3523 SvR09: 1290-4388-1340 I'll try to be active on here, but...
  19. TheRealS

    Hey, new to the forum

    Hey everyone I'm new around here (hence the name of the thread :P) My Wii FC is 6293 4491 8040 1355 GHWT FC is 0173 9254 2704 Mario Kart FC is 3438 1004 6976 Guitar Hero: expert guitarist and interested in any players (preferrably drummers bassists and singers) interested in creating a...
  20. S

    Hello, Everyone!

    Hey my name is Starfam, wanna know look at my signature. Note: I am currently using my wii internet channel, which is now FREE for everyone. >_>