Hey, new to the forum


Sep 30, 2009
Perth, Australia
Wii Online Code
Hey everyone
I'm new around here (hence the name of the thread :p)

My Wii FC is 6293 4491 8040 1355

GHWT FC is 0173 9254 2704

Mario Kart FC is 3438 1004 6976

Guitar Hero: expert guitarist and interested in any players (preferrably drummers bassists and singers) interested in creating a band.
pm me if interested in any of the above.
cheers :yesnod:
Welcome to the forums.I suck at Guitar hero.I press random buttons.
Welcome to the forums RealS. Enjoy WiiChat. :)

Btw, I suggest you invest in Guitar Hero 5. A lot better than WT on Wii.
Hello! I will gladly join your band but sadly I only have an xbox 360 but if you get an xbox then we can talk. I am also an expert plus drummer but a good singer and I hate bass. ;)

I've never played Guitar Hero. I want to though.