Wii Friend Code Exchange 2012.....


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Dec 31, 2011
Atlanta Georgia
Wii Online Code
Add Me On Wii Please

FC: 3851-8785-1944-7091
Name: RockrGang

PM Me Too Let Me Know You Added Me
So I Can Add You Back

Games I Have Call of Duty Reflex, Call
of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Mario Kart
Wii, Madden 12, Super Smash Bros Brawl And Many More....

Let Me Know if You Need Online Game
FC Too
Added you both Add me 5610-5647-8185-0249 I have several games message me please if anyone else adds me
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hey i need to swap friend codes :D

hey this is wesley and i am wanting friends on mah wii here is mah code 5558 3291-5578-0457 i have Super smash bros brawl and zelda twilight princess add me and msg me thx :D
I can easily guard 2-3 flags at any given moment. I am excellent with a sniper rifle. And I'm a level 37. Longest streak 29. Kill ratio 3.37. Also good at flanking snipers.

F.C. 1626-7848-7909

add me!
ohai yall
FC: ( in Signature )
Name: Sauec
If you add me, PM me.
If anyone has DJ Hero 2, please add me!

My nickname is: DJ one

My [Wii console] number is: 1393-3146-8412-2410