1. E

    Anyone want to play Animal crossing online?

    Anyone have animal crossing and online, add me Friend code - 2323-0378-3697 Name - Misty Town - AppleBay Send me your friend codes, and if anyone is online now can i visit your town? The gates are open to my town
  2. R

    Wii Friend Code Exchange 2012.....

    Add Me On Wii Please FC: 3851-8785-1944-7091 Name: RockrGang PM Me Too Let Me Know You Added Me So I Can Add You Back Games I Have Call of Duty Reflex, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Mario Kart Wii, Madden 12, Super Smash Bros Brawl And Many More.... Let Me Know if You Need...
  3. AllMySins

    Brawling, Anyone?

    YOU MUST BE ONLINE RIGHT NOWIF YOU WANT TO BRAWL. Please, people, if you want to set out a LIVE brawl challenge, then put it in this format: INGAME NAME: Sins* FRIEND CODE: 1635-6617-1001* STATUS OF PLAYABILITY: ex. Online, Ready for a match*, etc. *These are all of my settings for...

    online game crash... dropped into LIMBO!

    Okay after the great online outage today (I only know because of the other thread) I signed on and started playing with no issues. Then a game started getting super laggy, so I quit and went to another game. Game was going okay... then... black screen for awhile, then I got this game start...
  5. E

    Wii Online Gaming Clan

    Hi. My name is Ezawesome (not really). I am the founder of this online gaming clan. I am making this because whenever I go to play online with people either nobody is on, or the people that are online are fags who don't know how to sit back and enjoy a game. But anyways, I am making this because...
  6. jedadiah


    What the hell i just got CODBO and it wont let meh just keeps saying connecting to nintendo wfc and its been going on for like and hour how i get it to stop??
  7. T

    How do I tell my Wii Online Username?

    Is it the same for every game or is it different or what?
  8. A

    Ultimate MMORPG

    Motion sensing controllers are by far the best thing I have seen in gaming. i own a wii, and love playing games that use the motion controller, as well as nunchuck movement. It allows me to be, in a way, a part of the game. i also think that it could be taken to a whole new level. I can see a...
  9. M

    online gaming on vc, would be good????

    i think there should be an option 4 online play on vc games, games like sf2 would greatly benefit from this and give classics a new dimension. or at the very least maybe online leaderboards. what do others think about this?
  10. M

    free 500 wii points

    if u want 500 wii points, this will do it, enter the shopping channel, click on connection ambassador, then someone who was helped,enter my code 5878 2208 3545 8973,then e-mail me your registration code which can be found by entering message board , create message, address book its on the first...
  11. A

    Need to connect to internet

    I am trying to access the internet on my Wii at school. The connection is open to use but i need to enter my id and password to actually have access to the internet. however, i am gettin an error code 52232 - is there a way i can fix this! please help, its urgent!