1. M

    [MW3] Join MwK* Clan!!

    Anyone who is looking for a clan that is big and powerful, join MwK* Clan. We are on the first page of the Top 100 Mw3 clans, we have a website, a Youtube and a Facebook page. We also have about 50-60 people that all have 2 Kill Death Ratios or higher and None of us hack. In order To get in the...
  2. link2000

    Recruiting players for my new clan (LOCKED).

  3. T

    Black OPS CLAN *JOIN*

    From December 15th 2011 there will be a clan Called [3L1T3] Give me your ally codes and ill add you:yesnod:

    [FtB] Clan

    If you are interested in joining our clan [FtB], visit our website: Requirements: Level: 35 or Above, if not, you must submit a screenshot of the results of a game-play. Kill to Death Ratio (KD): 1 or higher--You must again submit a...
  5. K

    CoD: Black Ops

    Black ops HACKERS How do you really feel about hacker clans?
  6. DOAPevuhl

    Before you start a clan read this

    Starting a clan is extremely difficult, and time consuming, so be prepared to stay up all night fixing everything for you members. Organizing more than one person that's in another country, time zone, lifestyle is very hard. Be prepared to sacrifice your favorite show. And if you are still...
  7. SR1986

    mkw clans?

    Are there any mkw clans? I'm really interested if there is one. Thank you for your time Shay
  8. T

    modern wf clan [ToD] tryouts elite players wanted

    [tod] is holding open tryouts...kill/death must be over 1.0 good team players tactics and skill used..the leader will ultimately decide email me at [email protected] and send friend code k/d lvl and call sign