1. G

    waw&mk&wii friends codes

    waw code=4169-8999-5951 dont shoot console 5883-8230-8445-3748 mk code=3225-0485-5304 or 4470-4966-3237 2012 year
  2. J

    If you want a friend to help you pone, click this :)

    My friend code is 409536094606. Tell me if you added me so I can add you and together well terminate those enemies. Im level 17 almost 18 btw and coming up fast on ranking >:D
  3. X

    Connecting iPhone (PdaNet) to the Wii's Internet

    Dear All, I have recently gone to Walmart to get the Wii a few days ago, and I am having problems while trying to connect my Wii to the Internet... I was wondering if I could use a jailbroken iPhone's program called PdaNet to connect to the Internet. While trying to connect, it finds the...
  4. N

    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex Friend Code

    Hello, I'm looking to have more people on my friends list for CoD: MWR My friend code is: 179582299883 Gamertag:P$_EZid :yesnod: Add me please :lovewii:
  5. M

    Hello! Agent Mike

    Hello! :) I am Mike! I love playing Goldeneye for the Wii! I don't have many friends on my list right now, and I would like to add friends whom I associated with in-game. I have had some great games with people online, and sometimes done weird and different things (I remember me and a...
  6. V

    Getting error code 52230

    I keep getting error code 52230 and I've checked up on what it stands for. Problem with that, I don't have firewalls on my router, it's connected, and I've connected a different wii up to it before so I know it's not the router that's the real problem. Any idea how to help?
  7. T

    my mii code

    add me 3682-4217-4031
  8. K

    Phantasy star zero (if you have.Want to play?)

    Phantasy star zero If you got the game pm me for my friend code want to make friends and level.
  9. H

    I am new here, and just got Wi-Fi

    yea, i just got a wifi connection in my house and now me and my little brothers can take our skills online for new challanges, but the problem is, the games are funner with friends and we need more friends, so any body that posts here will be added :) thank you! here are the games i have for...
  10. V

    COD friend code thread

    :p post here to exchange friend codes with me: my friend code is: 2407-0769-3894 wats yours?