Hello! Agent Mike


Agent Mike
Jan 4, 2011
Wii Online Code
Hello! :) I am Mike! I love playing Goldeneye for the Wii! I don't have many friends on my list right now, and I would like to add friends whom I associated with in-game.

I have had some great games with people online, and sometimes done weird and different things (I remember me and a team-mate hitting each other for 2 minutes, until somebody spotted us :( and brutally took him out haha).

Another team I was playing with, we worked really well together, and even though our ranks weren't the highest, we stuck together well, held our spot game after game, and providing cover-fire for each other even through gas grenades while listening for our reloads. We thoroughly got to know each other's playing style. I think its a real shame you cannot directly add people you enjoyed playing with :(

I would love to add some friends to my list in-game, so if you play it sometimes or a lot, please reply to this and I'll add you! If you have seen Agent Mike (level 12 ish) in-game, or would like a great game (I'm still not very good yet though!!) add my wii friend code! -1350-1861-6127-
Hey Man. I LOVE PLAYING GOLDENEYE TOO!! My code is 1371-0470-9201 I already added you online, send me an invite when you wanna play. My Username on there is FRAGenocide