endless ocean blue world

  1. Joey_Roddy

    Endless Ocean Blue World

    Hello everyone, I've just beaten and mastered the game Endless Ocean Blue World for the Nintendo Wii. There's nothing else to do because I've completely cleared the marine encyclopedia, I've cleared all quests, special requests, coin collection, salvage collection and treasure rumors. I've also...
  2. Joey_Roddy

    Wii Friend Code Exchange

    Hello everyone, I am a new member of this website and I recently bought two games which include Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean Blue World for the Nintendo Wii from GameStop. I would like to make new friends here at this website and also I would like to obtain friends to join me in Endless...
  3. B

    friends for endless ocean 2 blue world (:

    my friend code is 4464-6570-6554 please give me your codes