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Feb 26, 2012
Thibodaux, Louisiana
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Hello everyone,

I am a new member of this website and I recently bought two games which include Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean Blue World for the Nintendo Wii from GameStop. I would like to make new friends here at this website and also I would like to obtain friends to join me in Endless Ocean Blue World. I also have Wii Speak. My Wii Mii name is Joseph. My Wii number is


My Wii number code for Endless Ocean Blue World is:


If you don't mind, please grant me your Wii number or you can add me by inputting my Wii number. I'm not sure how it works being that I am somewhat new to the Nintendo Wii platform. Thank you for your acceptance, patience and understanding.

Joey Michael Roddy

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Hello keishababe,

I registered your Wii number code. Thank you for responding. I re-edited my post here providing both my Wii Number code for the Wii System and Wii number Code for Endless Ocean Blue World. Thanks again.

Joey Michael Roddy