friend codes

  1. G


    Anyone trying to race/exchange codes???
  2. M

    Brawl friend codes 2012!

    Yo im looking for people to play SSBB online Lets keep the game alive! Lets get something going here! Add me - (Regis - 5112-3095-0129) Reply or PM with your codes so i can add back.
  3. vango

    mario kart wii friend codes

    add my friend code and leave your's if you want to race? my code is 0732-9879-1829
  4. B

    friends for endless ocean 2 blue world (:

    my friend code is 4464-6570-6554 please give me your codes
  5. D

    Yo new here looking for help and wii and Ds friend codes!!!

    Sup err body! How iz all my fellow nintendo peplz doin?:wiifit: Hit me up for friend codes i got a bunch of games on Wii and Ds Hey who knows anything about wii lens cleaning kits? I heard they can damage the wii further is this true? cuz my wii music disk keeps giving same error...

    hey anone want play mwr or black ops?:D

    Hey everyone im skipping school tomrrow and maybe tuesday. if you want to play mwr or black ops just leave your ally code or send me a ally request my friend codes are in my signature and PLEASE LEAVE YOUR NAME ON THAT GAME SO I DONT REJECT IT! so please reply
  7. Tbartley98

    Mario Kart Wii Friend Codes

    Well, this is a friend code exchange thread for Mario Kart Wii. This is basically what you do: Name: ______ FC: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX That's basically what you do. have fun sharing friend codes!
  8. alexwii3

    share your pokr mon mystery dunden explores of darkness, super scribblenauts and ds

    dsi:4148-0118-66910-3000 super scribblenauts:4813-4595-4640 pokemon:ill give this 1 to u cuz i left it in my dsi case and i cant find my dsi case
  9. Tbartley98

    The ultimate SSBB friend code exchange

    check my blog if you wanna know my friend code!
  10. Firemaster

    MR. master clan

    FC Mr.Master here, my FC is 0128-4910-8450. Give me yours and I'll add you this weekend. 5th prestige level 55 If you need a clan check out this new one I created. Its the Mr. clan
  11. falcon973

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl "Friend Code Exchange"

    Wii and SSBB Friend Codes This is to get Wii friend codes and SSBB friend codes. I am always on so just private message me your Wii friend code and/or your SSBB friend code and tell me you added me and i will reply when i add you. Wii FC: 3423-7236-6413-5583 SSBB FC: 2622-4021-4569
  12. topazsag

    Suggested Game I would like to see, bump if you agree!

    So, I've got the Wii Fit Plus and Balance board and some games to go along with it, some of the games are entertaining but I would like to see something more... a Fun Game to help lose weight with a Wi-Fi connection option so that I can challenge my friends (and they can challenge me) with...
  13. W

    Girl wii lover

    Hey,i just got my wii last month and i love it, coming from my old ps2 that i still love but i love wii much more now. I bought about 6 games so far and looking to buy some online ones so that i can play with some people. My friend code is on my profile so add me. What wifi enable games do you...