james bond

  1. J

    If you want a friend to help you pone, click this :)

    My friend code is 409536094606. Tell me if you added me so I can add you and together well terminate those enemies. Im level 17 almost 18 btw and coming up fast on ranking >:D
  2. link2000

    "Goldeneye" sniping match.

    Today at 9:00p.m eastern. I'm holding a sniper's "only" match. If want to join my game, then inform me your Friend code. Also, make sure you get to me before 8:30p.m eastern, or you'll be too late. Fc: 2510-8219-6665.
  3. link2000

    Goldeneye: The tell of host rage quit.

    Alright. Yesterday I was playing a match of team conflict on Goldeneye and it was going rather well, until there was approximately one second left of the game. Guess what happened? I'm assuming you guys probably know. The host quit the match and I lost everything. My experience points and my...