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    Serial Number Nintendo Wii Different...please come in :)

    i just bought my first nintendo wii :wiiconsole: korean version yesterday. as far as i know from nintendo ds issue, to know our nintendo DS not a refurbished one, we can match serial number on nintendo DS and box (manual book if korean version). if match so our nintendo DS is original if doesn't...
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    i need help with my nintendo wii(is it brick)

    last year, i mes with the ios files and i fried my blue tooth module today i got a used one for a replacement it's didn't work what is wrong with it? is the motherboard the wifi or the blue tooth please help!
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    GX Loader & USB Loader help

    I have installed Homebrew, Gx Loader, and USB LOader and they were all functioning fine. I wanted to use the wii shop channel so i updated, even though there was no update i knew. And now I cannot use GX Loader or USB Loader even though they are still set as channels on my wii, whenever I open...