1. AllMySins

    Brawling, Anyone?

    YOU MUST BE ONLINE RIGHT NOWIF YOU WANT TO BRAWL. Please, people, if you want to set out a LIVE brawl challenge, then put it in this format: INGAME NAME: Sins* FRIEND CODE: 1635-6617-1001* STATUS OF PLAYABILITY: ex. Online, Ready for a match*, etc. *These are all of my settings for...
  2. M

    Looking for friends!

    So, I'm a level 17 from the US and I've been loving the game! Looking for people who want to play! I like Goldeneye mode the best, but I'm down for anything. My fc is: 3998 7086 1801 Shoot me a response an we'll go from there! And a big hello if we've played with or against each other...
  3. K

    Phantasy star zero (if you have.Want to play?)

    Phantasy star zero If you got the game pm me for my friend code want to make friends and level.