1. Uchuu

    Disc keeps spinning continously ingame is this a Problem?

    Hello, I have a question. As I am new to consoles wich use DVD´s, I don´t know if the behaviour of my Wii is good. In Zelda if I am close to waterregions or some dungeonrooms, the cd often tends to keep spinning all the time. I think normaly it should load some things and stop spinning. Only...

    I have the most confusing problem(s) EVA!

    Ok, So here is the deal. When I had first bought my Wii everything worked fine. A few months later, Nintendo released an update that screwed up my Wii. I can connect to the Internet, send messages, and use the Wii Shop Channel, but I can't play SSBB or Mario Kart Wii with my friends. About a...
  3. V

    Getting error code 52230

    I keep getting error code 52230 and I've checked up on what it stands for. Problem with that, I don't have firewalls on my router, it's connected, and I've connected a different wii up to it before so I know it's not the router that's the real problem. Any idea how to help?
  4. C

    Help! The whirring sound in the disc slot

    I've read many threads about a whirring/buzzing sound in the disc slot, but they don't really match the problem I have. I've had my Wii for 2 years, and up until recently, whenever I put a cd into the disc slot, it starts making a whirring sound. The game still plays fine, but the whirring...
  5. Phoenix Wright

    Profile Picture Problems. *PPP*

    As the title suggests, I'm having trouble uploading a profile picture to my profile now. No, not an avatar, but a profile picture. I tried the smalled size possible for upload: 80x80 And.. I get this: Discuss. And yes, I've tried linking my profile picture instead of a raw upload. It...
  6. R

    Is my Wii broken?

    A few days ago I had my wii in sleep mode(yellow light) and my cat came over and hit the off switch on the power strip. When I turned the strip back on my wii would not turn on. I've kept my wii plugged in and have attempted to turn it on over the last few days, but it still will not work. The...
  7. M

    Reset problem

    I read the sticky on contacting Nintendo, I did, detailing my problem and they said they would have to get me to send them my Wii to calculate the damage and fix it. Therefore before I go to that last resort I want to see if anybody has suffered the same problem as me. With most of my wii...

    HELP-USB Wifi Connector wont work

    I have a Nintendo Wifi USB connector and it used to work fine, but i tried to connect my wii to it and its fine up until i try the connection test, then it has an Error(52140) and wont connect.the same thing happens when i try to connect my DSi but with a different error code, my friend came...
  9. S

    Disk Error When Wifi On?

    Hey guys, this is my first post on this forum so be nice. I personally actually do not have a Wii, but I am posting on behalf of my younger female cousin, who luckily just got a Wii for her birthday. She got a brand new Wii from Target, and we unboxed it, connected it to Wifi, set up on the...
  10. palermo716

    Problem With WiiChat? ZOMG

    Recently i have been having a problem once i log in. When i log in you have the option of clicking a link that reads "Click here if your browser doesnt foward you" or something like that and every time i click it i am loged out and brought to the home page. :yikes: Is it just my computer or has...