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    The Penguins of Madagascar: Dr. Blowhole Returns - Again! Out Now on Wii

    The Penguins of Madagascar make their debut on THQ's uDraw GameTablet for the Wii with the newly released adventure, Dr. Blowhole Returns - Again! Once more, Team Penguin has to face the mighty challenge of thwarting the dastardly plans of the fiendish dolphin villain, Dr. Blowhole, in three...
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    Shrek’s Puss in Boots Gets His Own Wii Game

    THQ has today announced a new Wii game featuring Puss In Boots, one of the most beloved characters in the Shrek movies. The game is based on the forthcoming DreamWorks Animation film of the same name, and enables the player to take on the role of the swashbucklingly stylish pussycat, duelling...
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    The Penguins of Madagascar are back on the Wii with Dr. Blowhole Returns Again!

    THQ announced today that those loveable penguins of Madagascar are set to reappear on the Wii with their latest adventure, entitled Dr. Blowhole Returns Again! Based on the hit Nickelodeon cartoon series, the game sees the fiendish dolphin villain, Dr. Blowhole, attempting to conquer the world...
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    Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat Announced for Wii uDraw GameTablet

    THQ announced this week that it’s bringing Marvel Super Hero Squad to the uDraw GameTablet for the Wii on November 15 2011. The exclusive uDraw game puts the artist’s pen in the player’s hands, enabling them to draw directly into the game world and determine the fate of the Squaddies. For the...
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    Monster High Heads to the Wii for the First Time

    The massively popular Monster High is on its way to the Wii, with THQ announcing that one of the hottest entertainment franchises for girls will be getting its own Wii and DS/DSi game this October. Monster High Ghoul Spirit gives fans the chance to create and customise their own scary-cute...
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    Deepak Chopra Brings Relaxation and Meditation to the Wii with Leela

    There’s no doubt that aside from the Wii’s appeal as a vehicle for our beloved Nintendo characters and games such as Mario and Zelda, it has also been a huge success at attracting non-hardcore, or casual gamers with a diverse range of family-friendly exercise, dance and fitness applications...