Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat Announced for Wii uDraw GameTablet


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Jul 7, 2011
THQ announced this week that it’s bringing Marvel Super Hero Squad to the uDraw GameTablet for the Wii on November 15 2011. The exclusive uDraw game puts the artist’s pen in the player’s hands, enabling them to draw directly into the game world and determine the fate of the Squaddies. For the first time ever, players can use the uDraw stylus to command Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and seven other Marvel Super Heroes in the battle against Doctor Doom and his evil minions. In the game, players get to direct attacks, wield weapons and build barricades in the Marvel Super Hero Squad universe. Players can even shake the uDraw GameTablet to create an in-game earthquake.[/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]The game features a distinctive cel-shaded comic book art style that brings the characters to life, as well as a variety of challenging new stages, including The Helicarrier, Baxter Building, The Vault and Sanctum Sanctorum.[/FONT]
"The uDraw GameTablet gives players the ability to direct and control their favorite super heroes in a completely new way," said Executive Producer Peter Armstrong. "As the comic artist you are able to command each hero and utilize their unique abilities for the first time ever using the power of the pen."
[FONT=&amp]Source: THQ[/FONT]